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Agape (AY 2020-2021)

SLCM Agape Christian Movement is a community of medical students united by a common passion and heart for excellence in faith, life, and medicine. This is an avenue for students to come together and draw strength from each other amidst the demands and stress of medical school. It is a movement centered on loving God and making His love well-known. We exist as an organization to build students in Christ through prayer and fellowship, and to train them to become compassionate physicians modelled after Jesus Christ.

SUMAGUE, Jean Beatrix C.
Student Coordinator for Internal Affairs
RABANG, Maika I.
Student Coordinator for External Affairs
MAGSOMBOL, Kathryn Grace R. and MADDUMBA, Hana Thea A.
Representatives to Agape Luzon
CAAYAO, Chemarie D.
LAVIN, Nina Angeline B., CAAYAO, Chemarie D., and RABANG, Maika I.
Prayer Heads
DE LEON, Princess Marielle R.
Praise and Worship Head
TUGADE, John Samuel B.
Finance Head
MADDUMBA, Hana Thea A.
Publications Head

Organization Email: slmccm.agape@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/stlukesagape

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