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Student Council (AY 2020-2021)

As an organization that works for the students and by the students, the St. Luke’s Medicine Student Council (SLMSC) stands as the primary representative body of the students of St. Luke’s Medicine College of Medicine (SLMCCM) in all relevant aspects of student-life inside and outside the institution. It is an organization that provides avenues for the students of SLMCCM to air their voices to authorities and the general public, to hone their skills and passions as individuals, and to prime holistic student development by bringing forth the conceptualization and execution of projects relevant to these undertakings. At the same time, the SLMSC also serves as a bridge for communication between the administration, the student body, and everyone else in between. This year the Student Council drives its service with the goal of inclusive, genuine, transparent, consultative, and student-centered leadership.

BHAGIA, Aakash S.
BONDAD, Ria Nicole D.
Vice Chairperson
BROSOTO, Cyrelle M.
GARCIA, Audrey S.
DE LUNA, Trinity Mae M.
TOMAS, Juliver T.
Public Relations Officer
SALUD, Charmian Alexine Ysobelle P.
Arts and Promotion Head
Director for Internals
Director for Externals
CAPUNO, Aaron Jade D.
Director for Education and Research
SALAZAR, Anna Flora Natividad C.
Director for Health and Environment
BRILLANTES, Catherine Joyce B.
Director for Outreach
QUILANETA, Trizha Angelique G.
Director for Students' Rights and Welfare and Social Issues

Organization Email: studentcouncil.slmccm@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StLukesMSC
Twitter: @StLukesMSC

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