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Iatros (AY 2022-2023)

Iatros is the official student publication of the St. Luke’s Medical Center – College of Medicine, William H. Quasha Memorial. It is dedicated into fostering the promotion of the arts, culture, and freedom of expression within the confines of the school, entrusting that its influence will contribute into the holistic development of doctors in service to their nation and to the world.

Siena Kathleen V. Placino
Editor-in-Chief (EIC)
Mitch Anajao Martinez
Co-Editor-in-Chief (Co-EIC)
Van Irish Ventilacion
Managing Editor
Kyra Lindsay P. Aviles
Associate Editor
Ma. Beatrice M. Vega
Finance Officer
Kyle Elijah M. Lucido
News Editor
Coleen Jeanina A. Co
Associate News Editor
Emmanuel Nathan Demetillo
Features Editor
Vinace S. Guingguing
Associate Features Editor
Donita F. Canieso
Literary Editor
Claire Danielle B. Chan
Associate Literary Editor
Patricia Felise Perez
Layout Editor
Maria Christelle V. Alintanahin
Co-Layout Editor
John Paolo DC. Janiola
Photography Head
Jean Audrey A. De Castro
Art Director

Organization Email: slcmiatroseb@gmail.com
Facebook: slcm.iatros
Instagram: slmccm_iatros
Twitter: @slcm_iatros
Website: slcm-iatros.com

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