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Musician's Circle (AY 2021-2022)

Just like music, the SLCM Musicians’ Circle embodies unity in individual units. Music requires different notes that harmonize with each other to produce a melodious tune. Likewise, our organization brings together members of the Lukan student body to gather and share the passion for music. Each member exhibits cooperation to reach our common goal- to be well-rounded, five star Lukan physicians, who believe in the importance of music in the art of healing. As one of the premier organizations in the college, we serve our members an avenue for honing skills and sharing talents.

CATOTAL, Margarita
Vice President for Administration
PANALIGAN, Maria Aurea Victoria C.
Vice President for Creatives
LAZARO, Kris Yvan Mari S.
Vice President for Logistics
UBALDO, Dafni Belle
Vice President for Finance
CHUA, Sheena
Vice President for Promotions and Publicity
CADION, Abigail Faith
Batch 2024 Representative
PLACINO, Siena Kathleen V.
Batch 2025 Representative
LANUZA, Patrick Lawrence T.
Batch 2026 Representative

Organization Email: slcm.musicianscircle@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slcmmc
Instagram: @slmccm_mc
Twitter: @SLMCCM_MC

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